• TOP MATERIAL : High Density Wool Felt and Alligator Print Leather along border.
  • SPINE AREA : Shock Absorbing Gel.
  • SIZE : This pad is a gel pad and is made to fit under your saddle and should not stretch far out from underneath it.  This pad is designed to hold up and support saddle.  Saddle support does not happen down the side and around the rib cage of the horse.
  • THICKNESS : 1 inches (approx). 
  • DESIGN : Cowboy Tool Indios With Turquoise Design
  • COLOR : Black FEATURES : Trail Riding / Endurance / Pleasure Riding / Barrel Racing.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROLLING GEL pads along spine area.
  • CONTOURED shape spinal area for perfect fit.
  • ANTI-SLIP prevent slippage.
  • Thick quality WOOL FELT for utmost comfort to the horse.


This is a contoured western saddle pad that fits varying horse backs. The split design of the saddle pad, in to two independent panels, enable the pad to move with the horse movement too. Top layer is of High Density Wool Felt w/ Genuine Light Oil Wear Leather along border and bottom layer is of high-density wool felt which gives excellent anti-slip functionality in addition to the cool and comfortable fitting to the horses back.

The Spine area of this pad is CONTOUR shaped for perfect fit.It is composed of TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE GEL on both sides of the panels. The GEL used remains cool during summer and warm during winter thereby ensuring that the horse temperature is well regulated.GEL eliminate, or minimize, any existing pressure points. It also molds to the horses back to provide maximum comfort.

This saddle pad conforms to the horses back the very first time it is ridden on. It is a perfect pad for ill-fitting saddles resulting in pressure points, preventing slippage and roll over or even on horses with sway or round backs. It is a perfect companion for sore back providing them with therapeutic relief.

Cleaning this saddle pad is extremely easy. Just apply soap on both sides and hose it off.



    Sparkle N Spurs

    California, USA